How to create a professional scrapbook& photo book in a minute  
      N8 Pix-Page Studio — Starter
Lesson 1: Import photos, albums size
Lesson 2: Quickly Design
Lesson 3: Fine Tune
3-1: Position, size, rotatation and transparency
3-2: Crop area and photo
Lesson 4: Output
4-1: Export Sample / Export Page
4-2: Export e-Book
      N8 Pix-Page Studio — Advanced
Lesson 1: Clipart/Shape/Background
1-1: Introduction
1-2: Import Clipart/Shape/Background
1-3: Supported formats
 Summary :
   In this lesson, you will learn the types of elements in N8; The file formats of different element types; How to use elements; How to add your own elements etc.
Lesson 2 : Layer
2-1: Layers selection (box choose, Shift + right choice) and link
2-2: Blend mode and clip layer
2-3: Layer order. Copy and paste
 Summary :
   In this lesson, you will learn several advaned layer selections, how to move/resize layers using link. how to change layer blend mode to gain effects. How to create clip layer. You will also lean how to copy/paste layers, and change layer order.
Lesson 3 : Mask
3-1: Introduction
3-2: Paint mask
 Summary :
   In this lesson, you will learn the advanced skills of mask in PPS. You will know how to paint your own mask using different painting tools .
Lesson 4 : Photo editing
4-1: Edit photos with PS filters or PS
4-2: Colorize and brightness/contrast
4-3: Photos usage, order and locating
 Summary :
   In this lesson, you will learn how to edit a photo. Normally you can change the color , brightness, contrast of photo in PPS directly. You can also edit photos using FILTERS from PPS directly. The final mode is to edit it in PS and link it back in PPS page. You will also learn how to know times of photos used, order the photos or locate in the project.
Lesson 5 : Project
5-1: New and save
5-2: Export used photos. Add or delete pages
5-3: Folder name convention, sample and full size pages
 Summary :
   In this lesson, you will learn how to create new project or save it. You will also know how to export used photo, add or delete pages in a project. You will learn the name convention in PPS, know how to export sample or full-sized pages.
Lesson 6 : Template
6-1: Use templates across the themes
6-2: Convert project to theme
6-3: Sort templates
 Summary :
   In this lesson, you will learn some skills of templates in PPS. You will know how to use different styles of templates, and how to convert a project to a theme.
Lesson 7 : Quickly design pages
7-1: Automatically design
7-2: Photo based design or template based design
7-3: Page name and size, empty page
 Summary :
   In this lesson you will know how to design pages quickly in PPS. You can either focus on photos and leave the hard part-matching templates to PPS, or choose your templates first then fill photos. You will also know how to name a page and change its size.
Lesson 8 : Products
8-1: Create, Modify and Delete
8-2: Bleeding area and spine
8-3: Product template
 Summary :
   In this lesson, you know learn how to manage your products list in PPS. You will also learn how to define bleending and spine, or define a product which containts different size of pages.
Lesson 9 : Preference
9-1: DPI, Folder Line
9-2: Template path
 Summary :
     In this lesson you will learn some key options in PPS.  
      N8 Pix-Page Studio — Tips
1 : Add Logo
      N8 Template Creator
Lesson 1 : Prepare to convert
1-1: File formats
1-2: Layer effects
1-3: Photo area
   This lesson shows how to prepare PSD files before convert them into PPS.
Lesson 2 : Convert
2-2: Converting
   In this lesson, you will learn how to convert PSD files into PPS step by step.
      N8 Template Manager
Lesson 1 : Group Templates
Lesson 2 : Import and export
Lesson 3 : Move templates among themes and groups
Lesson 4 : Rename and delete
   This chapter covers everything about template managements: Group, rename, import/export etc.
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