Why choose N8?

1. Simply 3 steps to create a scrapbook& photo book.
2. You never take many times to manage your photos.
3. New engine; Runs well on low-end PC.

Fantastic editing capabilities

1. Create various artworks such as scrapbook, photo book, business card etc.
2. Special effects show with clicks such as one click to match color etc.
3. Activate your design creative.

Thousands of templates

1. Inherit your original PSD templates smoothly.
2. Create your own template depend on your style.
3. Share thousands of templates with all over the world in our website.

Print or share anywhere

1. Tiny project file as small as 100k.
2. It is convenient and fast to modify scrapbook& photo book in editable format.
3. Export book as MOVIE instantly.

More Features:
Text Effects:
Adding outline, adjusting its angle, blur or opacity and more.
Add stunning shapes to photo or paper, stack any element in it and group a creative design as you like.
Simultaneously color of each layer.
Lifetime licenses:
Lifetime licenses; Technical support and free upgrade service are offered in 2 years.
Full screen preview:
Edit multiples pages at one time is possible. Preview in full screen to see the scrapbook& photo book effect.
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