i3D Photo V3.4:
Release Date: June-24-2009
File Size: 7.20MB
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista


Download Language Kit

New Features:


What’s new in V3.4

      a) One Step – Make Stereograph

      b) Add Logo

      c) Improve Fine tune

What’s new in V3.2

      a) Auto color adjustment – to match the colors of two photos

      b) Crop

      c) Smart Align

      d) Adjust saturation

      e) Many short-cuts

      f) Specify quality when saving/exporting

      g) Stereoscopic photo frame

      h) Set background color


What’s new in V3.0

a)       Intelligent matching stereo photo pair

b)       Batch making

c)        Browse quickly

d)       Adjust depth quickly

e)       Adjust color

f)         Add copyrights & descriptions

g)       Add frame

h)       Export to GIF

i)          Fine tune

j)         Improved performance

k)       Show 3D thumbnails in Explorer

l)          More anaglyph modes