Return you your real 3D world

  When you are sharing your beautiful pictures with your family, after a nice trip, do you want your family stand where you stood, see what you saw?
  When lonely parents got pictures of your kids, do you wish they are looking at you kids just like they are standing in front of them?
  Forget the flatten pictures! Now with your digital camera and a little shot skill, you can take pictures of real 3D world.
  NemoInfo i3D Photo is the simplest application which helps you to make 3D photos. What you need to do is just select 2 photos(left one and right one), you can see a real 3D world in your computer. You can also save them as JPG files and share with your family and friends, or print them out and ship to your friends.
  NemoInfo i3D Photo supports the most popular 2 view modes: Red/Green and stereo images. It also supports viewing and restoring JPS files which are common used in Internet.
  It's FREE!