i3D Photo Help


i3D Photo, previously named as ¡°Quick 3D Photo¡±, is the easiest and simplest tool to browse and produce 3D stereo photo, created by NemoInfo. It can automatically fix the motion, rotation and other minor faults of your stereo photo shots. The intelligent matching function can search 2 folders and match all the stereo photo pairs. It also allows you to browse your stereo photos and adjust them quickly. With this great tool, you are now free from the heavy work of making stereo photos, and focus on your creative picturing.


What¡¯s new in V3.4

      a) One Step ¨C Make Stereograph

      b) Add Logo

      c) Improve Fine tune

What¡¯s new in V3.2

      a) Auto color adjustment ¨C to match the colors of two photos

      b) Crop

      c) Smart Align

      d) Adjust saturation

      e) Many short-cuts

      f) Specify quality when saving/exporting

      g) Stereoscopic photo frame

      h) Set background color


What¡¯s new in V3.0

a)       Intelligent matching stereo photo pair

b)       Batch making

c)        Browse quickly

d)       Adjust depth quickly

e)       Adjust color

f)         Add copyrights & descriptions

g)       Add frame

h)       Export to GIF

i)          Fine tune

j)         Improved performance

k)       Show 3D thumbnails in Explorer

l)          More anaglyph modes



      UI Descriptions

      Tips and Skill


UI Descriptions

Main Screen

New Project: Create new stereo photo
Open Project: Open a stereo photo, both Q3D and JPS
Save Project: Save project
Export to Image
Auto Adjust color
Switch left/right photo
Auto Align
Remove current stereo photo
Zoom in
Zoom out
Actual size
 Side by side parallel
 Side by side, cross
Full screen

New Project

Add your left/right photo to below by double clicking them.

Export to image

Make GIF animation


      Here you can rotate, zoom in/out left and right photo, or drag photos in preview area to adjust their position. Or you can use left/right/up/down arrow to adjust them more accurately. If you want accurate angle, input it into edit box.

Adjust color

You can adjust the brightness/contract here, to control the final photo¡¯s color, so make them match your anaglyph glasses. You can also check the middle lock button to synchronize the left/right

Add Text

You can add copyrights and descriptions here.


Add Photo Frame

Normal frame:

Stereoscopic frame:

You can add a frame to your stereo photo. You can create your own normal frame by putting your PNF frame to the folder: frame/default.  You can also create your own stereoscopic frame by putting your PNF frame to the folder: frame/stereo. See below tips&skills.

Add Logo

You can add a logo to your stereo photo. You can create your own normal logo by putting your PNF logo to the folder: logo/default.  You can also create your own stereoscopic logo by putting your PNF logo to the folder: logo/stereo.


Batch make


Batch export



Tools->Option, Here you can set background color, if you dislike black background.

One Step ¨C Make Stereograph


Tips & Skills

Which formats does i3D Photo support?

i3D Photo supports Q3D and JPS. Q3D is native format from i3D Photo. It contains original photo data and allows you to adjust them lately, or add text/frame.

Which view methods does i3D Photo support?

i3D Photo support: Anaglyph, side-by-side parallel, side-by-side cross.

Which anaglyph glasses does i3D Photo support?

i3D Photo now supports: Red/Cyan color, Red/Cyan half-color, Red/Cyan gray, Red/Cyan optimized, Yellow/Blue(super bowl) color, Yellow/Blue(super bowl) half color, Yellow/Blue(super bowl) gray.

How to make a stereo photo?

There are 2 ways

1: Click button ¡°New project¡± and then select your left/right photos in the dialog. i3D Photo will analysis the left/right photos automatically and align them for you.

2: Use Drag/Drop as below

Batch make stereo photo

No matter you are using 2 digital cameras, or use one digital camera, or you took extra pictures which are not stereo photos, i3D Photo can help you to match all the photos and pick ones to make stereo photos. You can do this by click menu: Tools->Match make, then select your left/right photos, choose the export folder and click OK.

Please notice here that you can select any photo pair, no matter it¡¯s the first, last or middle.

After all projects have been made, you can open one of them and use the methods below to browse them. Press DEL whenever you want to remove one.


If you are familiar with windows explorer to manage your original photos, you can drag your left/right photos and drop them into i3D Photo window, then i3D Photo will create a stereo photo automatically using these 2 photos.

You can also drag a Q3D, or JPS file to i3D Photo window, to open and view it.

Open/View JPS

JPS is a common stereo photo format in internet. You can open and view it by ¡°open project¡±, or just drag and drop it to i3D Photo. By viewing in i3D Photo, you can view it in parallel mode, cross mode or even anaglyph mode.

Browse Stereo photo quickly

In the main window, you can press ¡°Space¡± to switch to next photo, press ¡°Backspace¡± to previous photo.

You can also put your mouse to the top-right area of window, when the cursor changes to ¡°next¡±, click it to switch. Put mouse to left-top area can switch to previous photo.

Another way is by clicking buttons in toolbar: Previous, Next

Adjust depth quickly

When browsing/Viewing in the main window, you can use left/right/up/down keys to adjust position of photos, to change the depth.

Adjust colors to match your anaglyph glasses

If your anaglyph glasses can¡¯t filter the colors clearly, you can adjust the brightness/contract of left/right photo, to match your glasses

Export to different sizes for different usages

Usually you will need original size to be printed out, smaller size to share in internet. This can be done easily by batch export.

By using match export, you can not only specify the output sizes, but also add frame, texts or adjust colors. These actions apply to all photos.

Convert anaglyph photos to side-by-side

With i3D Photo, you can easily convert anaglyph photos to side-by-side ones. When creating new project, you just need to select the anaglyph photo twice, then i3D photo will convert it for you.

Full-screen mode

By pressing ¡°Full screen¡± button in main window, you can clear the whole screen and view your photos without any disturbs.

Remove un-wanted stereo photos

When viewing stereo photos, you can press ¡°DEL¡±, or click button ¡°Delete¡± to remove the un-wanted ones immediately.

Make your own frame

i3D Photo brings a default set of frames. You can make your own ones if you like. Just create a PNG file using photo editing tool, and put it to the folder/frame/default. In that PNG, you should make the area transparent which will show the picture.

How to match colors of two photos

In some cases, because of difference of focus in the two cameras, the brightness, contrast, or even colors might be different in the Left/Right photos. Like below:

The ¡°Auto Color Adjustment¡± will help you to match the two photos quickly. While browsing the project, you can simply press short cut ¡°C¡±, then the colors of right photo will be adjusted automatically according to the left one, and result as below:


How to save high-quality projects/photos

By default, i3D Photo use 90 as JPG compression rate. This is the best balance between file size and image quality. If you need higher quality, you can modify this value to up 100, when you try to save the project or export it as image file. Please note:

1.     The higher the value is, the bigger the file will be.

2.     This value can be specified the first time project file created, and will keep working with the project file, unless you remove it.



In the main window, you can use the following shortcuts to simplify the operations:

1.     DEL: Remove the current stereo photo

2.     SPACE: Turn to next stereo photo in the current folder

3.     BACKSPACE: Turn to previous photo

4.     LEFT: Move the photo left, to adjust depth

5.     RIGHT: Move the photo right, to adjust depth

6.     UP: Move the photo up, to adjust depth

7.     DOWN: Move the photo down, to adjust depth

8.       X: Switch Left/Right

9.       A: Auto Align

10.   C: Auto Color Adjustment

11.   Shift+A: Fine turn/align

12.   Shift+C: Adjust color

13.   Shift+T: Add Text

14.   Shift+F: Add Frame

15.   Shift+L: Add Logo

16.   Shift+K: Crop

17.   Shift+E: Export as Image

18.   Shift+O: Option

19.   F5: Full Screen

20.   Ctrl+Z: Undo

21.   Ctrl+Y: Redo

22.   Ctrl+N: New Project

23.   Ctrl+S: Save Project

24.   Ctrl+Shift+S: Save As Project